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CPAP Masks

Naples Oxygen and CPAP carries a wide variety of CPAP masks, supplies, and accessories to accommodate your prescription and comfort.

CPAP Masks

CPAP masks are made and prescribed mostly for three different types of users. Your sleep lab technician and/or your sleep physician will prescribe the most appropriate mask taking into consideration the following factors:

  • Your facial structure.
  • Whether you breathe through your mouth or your nose when sleeping.
  • What mask you were most successful within eliminating your apneas during your in-lab sleep study.
  • What makes you comfortable. You may not like your mouth covered, or you may find nose pillows uncomfortable. You may not like the CPAP hose at the top of your head., etc

Generally, there are three types of interfaces:

Nasal Pillow Mask

This is the least cumbersome of all the masks. Small pillows fit against the nares of your nose to provide the air at your prescribed pressure. Naples Oxygen and CPAP carries a wide variety of Nasal Pillow Masks. The latest models we carry are:

Nasal Cushion Mask

Although close with similar names, The Nasal Cushion Mask is different from the Nasal Pillow mask. Instead of Nasal Pillows, the interface is a larger cushion that covers the entire nose. Our latest arrivals are:

Full Face Mask

The Full Face Mask covers the entire mouth and nose. It is a good selection for those who breathe through their mouth when sleeping. If the Full Face Mask is prescribed for you or you choose it for your own comfort reasons, we carry the latest masks by top manufacturers.