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Naples Oxygen and CPAP is the leader in CPAP Equipment, Supplies, and Education. We are your one-stop source for a good night’s sleep.

For someone newly diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), CPAP therapy can seem daunting at first. The idea of wearing a mask connected to a machine on your nightstand is clearly a life-changing event, but we assure you that it’s only for the better. Once you are diagnosed with OSA through an In-Lab Sleep Study, (also referred to as “PSG” for Polysomnogram) or Home Sleep Test “HST”, you are introduced to your new sleep companions, a CPAP or BiPap, and the mask likely to provide you with the best fit and results for eliminating your apnea.

Naples Oxygen and CPAP have Licensed Respiratory Therapists to guide you through the setup process. At our facility, we provide a private setting for you and your therapist to review instructions and answer any questions you may have regarding your new sleep process.

CPAP / BiPAP Machines

We carry the latest ResMed Airsense 10 and the Respironics DreamStation line of CPAP/BiPAP machines. They are state-of-the-art, with the most advanced and convenient features on the market:

  • For you: Convenient access to online progress and phone apps. Easy-to-use touch screens.
  • For physicians: Remote access to your progress and compliance monitoring.

DreamStation by

With its streamlined footprint and contemporary design, the DreamStation line of CPAPs and BiPaps has a non-clinical appearance for your nightstand. The user-friendly software and bright icon-touch screen display make it easy for you to both navigate and monitor your compliance and progress, including your mask fit. The Philips Respironics Encore Anywhere website allows remote access to Physicians, Clinicians, and your Medical Equipment Supplier to monitor both compliance and your needed supplies in a timely manner.

What makes the DreamStation unique is the option to use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular phone service to connect to the smartphone app. “DreamMapper”. It is a mobile and web-based application that keeps you actively informed regarding your previous night’s therapy and mask fit. DreamMapper also provides coaching, goal monitoring, and useful videos to keep you informed and motivated. You can also program reminders to clean your supplies or set a reminder for when it is time to replace them.

AirSense 10 by ResMed


At Naples Oxygen and CPAP, The AirSense 10 line of CPAPs and the AirCurve 10 line of BiPAPs were designed to make therapy easy, with no complicated settings or menus to navigate. Simply press “Start” and you are ready to enjoy a good night’s sleep. The HumidAir heated humidifier is built into the device to provide heated humidification. When used with the optional ClimateLineAir heated tubing, the device will deliver optimal temperature and humidity for the ultimate comfort experience. The AirSense 10 has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the brightness of the machine according to the amount of light in the room. AutoRamp helps make therapy more comfortable when you turn on your device by delivering less pressure at the onset to help you fall asleep. Once it detects you are asleep, it adjusts the pressure gradually until you reach your prescribed pressure.

MyAir is ResMed’s online program to guide you through your sleep therapy process on your computer or smartphone.

The AirSense 10 “For Her” is designed to accommodate the breathing patterns of women.  The attractive details are also what makes it “For Her”.

The ResMed AirSense 10 is available in the following modes:

  1. AirSense 10 CPAP/Auto CPAP
  2. AirCurve 10 VPAP/Auto BiPAP
  3. AirCurve 10 ST
  4. AirCurve 10 ASV

All machines generally come with Humidaire Heated Humidifier and ClimateLine heated tubing. All machines are diagnosis specific. Insurance plans require all criteria to be met and must be prescribed by a physician.

Visit our showroom and let us demonstrate the Airsense 10 for you.

Travel CPAPs

We carry the latest portable CPAPs to accommodate your travels without your larger home machine. Visit our showroom to see the line of travel CPAPs available.

The AirMini by ResMed

The New AirMini by ResMed is the world’s smallest travel CPAP on the market. Whisper-quiet, waterless humidification and controlled by the AirMini app on your smart device, the AirMini weighs less than a pound and fits in the palm of your hand. No more dragging your large machine when you travel. You can place the AirMini in your carry-on, purse or briefcase. The AirMini is compatible with the AirFit F20, the AirFit N20 and the AirFit P10 Made for AirMini.  The AirFit N20 and F20 require the AirMini adapters sold separately.

Phillips Go Dreamstation

The New DreamStation Go by

One of the latest travel CPAPs with the Auto CPAP feature, the DreamStation Go includes a full-color touch-screen display, USB port to charge your other devices and DreamMapper connection for your smart device or computer/laptop. The DreamStation Go is lightweight, contemporary and easy to use. The new lithium-ion battery is rechargeable and connects perfectly with your DreamStation Go.

The Transcend Mini Travel CPAP by Transcend

The Transcend is quiet, portable and no bigger than a soda can and weighs less than one pound. The Transcend is the only mini CPAP available with a solar charger for the P8 external battery (purchased separately) so you can maintain your therapy while camping, boating or at remote getaways.

The Z1 Travel CPAP by Human Design

Another travel CPAP that is available “plugged,” meaning corded, or “unplugged”, run by a battery. The Z1 is light at only 10 ounces and extremely portable at only 6.5 inches long.

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